Frequently Asked Questions

Q. So what’s cool about you?

A. What’s cool about the ISF is that people from varying cultures find a common ground and manage to work so well together. Our different experiences and ideas give us each something unique to share.

Q. What events do you have?

A. We have Diversity Awareness Month (November), a whole month jam-packed with great speakers, intellectual debates on the hottest global topics, and cultural shows. Some events are Community 101 eligible, so freshmen you might as well come and fulfill those points! The International Banquet (January) is very popular on campus—we’ve had everything from Chinese Lion dances, Irish tap dancing, to Flamenco and Hawaiian dancers. The Billiken World Fair (April) is a colorful parade of nations to celebrate the end of ATLAS week, and the coming of spring! There will be outdoor games and cultural performances. And the awesome food, of course—we've got something from baklava to paella. We also have smaller events/gatherings/private parties scattered throughout the year.

Q. Who participates in the ISF?

A. All international students automatically become members of the organization, but a lot of American-born students participate and attend our events as well. The ISF serves as an umbrella organization for six other cultural groups on-campus representing: Africa, Asia, Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean. Not only that, but the ISF receives support from independent cultural groups (namely the Black Student Alliance, Filipino Student Association, Indian Asian Student Association, Muslim Student Association, International Business Club). We also collaborate with other campus organizations and academic departments for our huge events.

Q. But I’m not an international student!

A. Being international doesn’t only mean coming from a different country other than the United States. From the point of view of students from different countries, you’re as international to them as they are to you. This is all about meeting people from all walks of life and sharing your experiences with each other. It’s about learning of a whole new world beyond your comfort zone—and that goes for both me and you!

Q. Okay I'm convinced do I join?

A. You can be active in the ISF as much as you want to. Participation can range from simply attending our events to actually helping us plan them behind the scenes. Just attend one of our general meetings held on Fridays at 4pm (see calendar for specific dates) at the Cross Cultural Center (Suite 240 in the Busch Student Center). Hope to see you there!

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