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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid includes scholarships, loans and grants awarded to students to help hem pay the tuition. While international students cannot apply for Federal Aid, scholarships are available. Admission to SLU requires proof of financial support, but, just in case you were wondering, there are scholarships available for international students. You can apply for any of the top scholarships when applying to admission to SLU. But for those who are already here without a scholarship, there's still a number of options. The SLU Matteo Ricci Scholarship awards $2500 every year to international students with exceptional academic and leadership achievement. So there's reason to study hard!

There are also scholarship opportunities from private sources. FastWeb has many scholarship and internship opportunities that internationals may be eligible to receive. They usually require you to write an essay. But keep in mind that scholarship amounts vary and will only help you out in small amounts, so it is best to make sure you have secured financial support for the duration of your stay here.

For more info, visit SLU's Financial Aid office Website


International Job Search

Visit the following links for more information (ISF is not responsible for any content on these sites)

10 data bases listing companies that have sponsored H1-B visas within the past several years. The company obtains this information from the federal government. The company charges a $50 access fee for each data base for a six-month period. The data bases include the following areas: Administration, Business Administration & Management, Computer Science, Education & Research, Engineering, Languages, Life & Health Sciences, Math & Physical Sciences, Medicine, Other Professions


A job finder website for opportunities in the US with a focus on Asian candidates.

Disco International Career Forum

Travel scholarships are granted to qualified Japanese/English bilingual undergraduate, graduate students and experienced professionals to help defray the costs of attending the Career Forum. Geared towards Japanese-English bilinguals.

MBA GlobalNet

A network of highly motivated, experienced MBAs interested in jobs, consulting, new ventures, and technology commercialization.

The European Business Directory

Listing of 150,000 European suppliers from England, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain. This can be a helpful research tool.

Saint Louis University International Job Search

More information on International Job Searches can be found here