Life at SLU and in the US

  • Campus life
    Get involved in student groups, explore your interests and talents and get to know more people in SLU!
  • St. Louis city:
    Find out more here and here Need something to do in St. Louis with your friends on a bored night? St. Louis has lots of stuff to do.
  • American culture:
    Being in the United States exposes you to a culture different from your own. Whether you're culture shocked or just want to make sure you're doing things right, this guide to American culture will come in handy!
  • Banking:
    US BANK is located in the Busch Student Center on SLU Campus and does NOT require a Social Security number. Other banks may require one.
  • Health Insurance:
    International students purchase insurance through Student Health Services. The charges are automatically applied to their semester bill unless they show proof of personal insurance and then the SLU insurance fee is waived.